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4-6 Pax BBQ Packages Summer 2021

Plan A – $1360 | 4-6 Pax BBQ Packages
Lemon HerbMarinated Chicken Breast (500g)
English Pork Sausages (500g)
Marinated Lamb Chops (8 PCS)
USDA Prime Hanger Steak (500g)
Grain-fed Australian Rib Eye (2 x 350g)

Plan B – $1548 | 4-6 Pax BBQ Packages
Piri-piri Marinated Spatchcocked Chicken (1KG)
Tomahawk Black Angus (1.2KG)
Garlic Herb Chicken Wings (400g)
Grass-fed Lamb Chops (8PCS)
Merguez Sausages (520g)

Plan C – $998| 4-6 Pax BBQ Packages
Satay Chicken Skewers (10PCS)
Lamb MerguezSausages (500g)
Smoked Bbq Marinated Pork Back Ribs (1 KG)
Spring Onion & Garlic Marinated Wagyu Rump Minute Steak (400g)
Grass-fedStrip Loins (2 x 250g)

Plan D – $988 | 4-6 Pax BBQ Packages
Grass-fed Beef Burger Patties (4 x 160g)
Burger Buns Inc Lettuce Tomatoes, Bacon Pickrel (4PCS)
Korean BBQ Short Ribs (500g)
Fajita Marinated Grass-fed Flank (500g)
USDA Prime Outside Skirt (500g)

All packages are coming with homemade mixed vegetables salad, pasta salad, and toast
Homemade Sauces: truffle mayonnaise, honey mustard, thousand island, and wasabi mayonnaise

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